The Zephyr Seat

is a commercial airline seating concept which upgrades Premium Economy Class seating (on wide body aircraft) with a lie-flat bed, aisle access, and complete privacy for every passenger – making inflight sleep more affordable!

World’s first double-decker seat with lie-flat bed

Double decker seating in a 2-4-2 configuration maintains the same seating density as existing Premium Economy Class on 90% of all global airlines.

Privacy + All Aisle Access

Each Zephyr Seat offers complete privacy and aisle access for every Premium Economy Class passenger.

Individual cabins with the most personal space

The chance to sleep.  To lie flat.  To stretch.  To move around.  To dream.  To arrive healthier, happier and more likely to fly this way again. For the first time ever, passengers seeking comfort and privacy have an option that is designed especially for them.

Lightweight engineering

Completely non-mechanical seat with limited movable fixtures constructed with industry-leading lightweight composite materials.  90% reduction in direct maintenance costs for airlines.

Space for families

A drop-down cover for the footwell increases the personal space in each seat, allowing multiple lie-flat positions.  Compatible for small children and families to lie side by side.

Flexible seat pitch

Each Zephyr Seat can be retrofitted between a 38-42″ seat pitch, based on airline preferences and industry standards.

Easy access to upper level

A telescopic ladder discretely provides access to the upper seat, and can be retracted after boarding.  *Newer design has a built-in ladder to the side of the seat*

Zephyr is the most innovative seat design I have ever seen – a big win for the Economy Class traveler!

Paul Wylde, Founder/CEO, Wylde Design

*Lead designer for the world’s first lie-flat business class airline seat, British Airways